Our admission is in three stages:

STAGE ONE: The first stage is through a competitive entrance examination. This is normally open to all without any bias for sex, religion or ethnic background, as long as a child make the requisite performance in the entrance examination. The entrance examination is in three subjects areas:

  1. Use of English
  2. Mathematics and Quantitative analysis
  3. General Knowledge.

Candidates are expected to score the cut of mark set for the examination.

STAGE TWO: Oral Interview: At this stage, the confidence level of the child is tested. The educational background of the child is also determined.

STAGE THREE: Interview for Prospective parents: Generally, the school will always like to know the parental educational philosophy. The essence of this is to know the educational philosophy the parent have for the child. This is always helps the school to achieve the parents/child’s future educational dream.

Haeredum deus facit non homo meaning – God makes heir not man.


To be an International centre of excellence in learning, educational research and service to humanity.


To provide a dynamic and functional education to students with the main aim of solving everyday problems. Our systematic approach is to make our students solution providers in any field of their choice.

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